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BackTrack – Bloodstain Pettern Analysis with Computers (free sofware trial)

Blood Spatter Animation
Source : National Institute of Justice, 2005

ESR Bloodstain Pattern Analyses Resource and Learning Centre
« The latest BPS resources including a video library and a bloodstain pattern collection »

HemoSpat – Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Software

High Speed Videos of Blood in Motion (MFRC)

SWGSTAIN (Scientific Working Group for Bloodstain Pattern Analysis)

Forensic associations

National Council of Companies of Judicial Experts (CNCEJ)

Company of Experts of the Court of Cassation (CEACC)

International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts (IABPA)

International Association for Identification (IAI)

Organization of Scientific areas committees (OSAC)

European Network for Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI)

Training organizations

National School of Magistracy (ENM)

University of Lausanne (UNIL)

Institutional contacts

Spanish National Police

Portuguese Judicial Police

Peruvian National Police

Lausanne Cantonal Police

Central Laboratory of the Polish Criminal Police

Belgian Police

Laboratory of Forensic Analysis

Philippe Esperança
Forensic expert approved by the Court of Cassation

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