Forensic Overview

Forensic Sciences is the set of technical methods of collecting traces and analyzes of the evidences resulting from an activity defines as suspicious by the Justice.

Forensic Sciences provide technical assistance to Justice to determine the circumstances of this activity and the involvement of people. The expert is who analyzes the traces collected on the suspected area. Thus, the field of expertise is to enlighten the magistrate in all areas of technology. Then the magistrate has to use our results to say the Law.

Today, the diversity and the technicality of the technics place the magistrate at the center of various scientific conclusions often not easily comprehensible for the uninitiated. And it must be kept in mind that the value of each conclusion really becomes important when it is linked to the conclusions of other expertise.

Therefore, it may be useful for the judge that an expert takes all the technical expertise results to put forward, in a single document, a summary of the technical conclusions scattered in the file.

The Forensic expert could also study the technical acts performed to determine if other expertise or if new technics in areas already exploited can be useful.

Philippe Esperança
Forensic Expert of the French Supreme Court

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Expert of the Internation Criminal Court
IAI BPA Certification
Founder of the BPA sub WG of the European Network of Forensic Sciences Institutes (ENFSI)
International Association of Bloodstain pattern Analysts (IABPA) Vice President