Bloodstain pattern Analysis L1
– Basic Bloodstain pattern Recognition

The Bloodstain Pattern Analysis is the objective study of shape, size, distribution, number of stains and their interactions with the environment to determine the events that are at the origin.

Level 1 training (Bloodstain Patterns technician) allows recognition of all the bloodstain patterns found on different supports (targets).

At the end of the Level 1 BPA training the student will able to :

  • Highlights the various elements essential to the identification of the trace (measures absolute or relative, making inquiries …).
  • Photographs the bloodstains studied together with the essential tools for its study.
  • Knows and be able to explain the terminology specific to the activity.
  • Correctly identifies the main patterns of bloodstains and indicate their significance.
  • Demonstrates your understanding of health problems and safety issues associated with Bloodstain Pattern Recognition.
    – Awareness of the existence of pathogens and other health risks linked to blood.
    – Awareness of equipment and safety procedures.
  • Shows the general knowledge about the biology of blood.
  • Describes the physical properties of blood-related discipline.
  • Shows the knowledge of the history of this discipline.

This training leds to the functions of Bloodstain Patterns Technician. He collects information and identifies bloodstains visibles or latents on simples surfaces.

This training can be an end in itself but is also the first of the three steps in the training process leading to the functions of Bloodstain Pattern Analyst – Expert.