Bloodstain Pattern Analysis L2 –
Advanced Bloodstain Pattern Recognition

The Bloodstain Pattern Analysis is the objective study of shape, size, distribution, number of stains and their interactions with the environment to determine the events that are at the origin.

Level 2 training (Bloodstain pattern senior technician) completes the basic Bloodstain Pattern Recognition level in complex situations (porous support, interaction model traces) and teaches the ways to locate the source of blood spattering.

At the end of the course the student will be able to conduct:

  • Analysis of complex trace
  • Analysis of traces on hard target surfaces like clothing
  • Full analysis of impact pattern

This training leds to the functions of Bloodstain Patterns Senior Technician. He collects information and identifies bloodstains visibles or latents on each surfaces. He is also available to find chronology and to locate the victim during the bloodspattering.

This training can be an end in itself but is also the second of the three steps in the training process leading to the functions of Bloodstain Pattern Analyst – Expert. This course is not intended trained Bloodstain Pattern experts a final training is necessary to achieve this function.