Bloodsttain Pattern Analysis L3
– Bloodstain Pattern Expertise Methodology

The Bloodstain Pattern Analysis is the objective study of shape, size, distribution, number of stains and their interactions with the environment to determine the events that are at the origin.

Level 3 training (Bloodstain Pattern Analyst) leads to the interpretation of bloodstains found on a crime scene, writing the results (report) and presentation of these results in court.

These objectives are achieved through the lectures and practical work including the management of a scene, writing a report and defending it in front of a mock Justice Court.

Upon completion of the course the student will be able to conduct :

  • organization analysis of sealed and / or crime scene,
  • report writing suitable,
  • presentation of its results in front of Criminal Courts

This training leds to the functions of Bloodstain Patterns Analyst. He could do the technician work but he focuses his work on the analyse of the result of the technician work of stain identification..

This course is intended to train Bloodstain Pattern experts.