First use of Virtual Reality for Justice

First use of Virtual Reality for Justice

Reconstitution of facts using the modeled place because the real no longer exists.

The term “virtual reality” (or immersive multimedia or computer simulated reality) refers to a computer technology that simulates the physical presence of a user in an artificially generated software environment.

It creates a real or imaginary environment in which the user can interact. It can explore an environment, manipulate objects or perform a series of actions in a virtual world.

The purpose of virtual reality is to conduct a sensorimotor and cognitive activity in a digitally created world, which can be “imaginary, symbolic or a simulation of certain aspects of the real world” (extract from the Virtual Reality Treatise, P. Fuchs)

Virtual reality is not to be confused with augmented reality, which adds virtual elements in a real environment whereas virtual reality virtually creates a real or imaginary environment.